A Charity dollar has one life, A social business dollar has endless lives.

BAOBRIDGE – Donations for Impact

Welcome to Baobridge where you can participate in helping to change lives in rural Zambia. 

While most mankind develops at accelerating rates, 1.2 billion people still experience extreme poverty and continue to live without necessities. 

As global citizens we ask ourselves what can we do about it?  Oftentimes the problems just seem too big and we become overwhelmed and turn away to our routine lives.  Still, there remains a gnawing in our spirits that calls us to action.  But how? We ask ourselves.  How do we as mere individuals help to address these issues? 


Baobridge offers an opportunity for you to participate in alleviating poverty, through social entrepreneurship projects in rural communities in Southern Zambia. 

We focus on the following sectors to provide a holistic solution to combating poverty.