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Investing in BoP Markets

Interested in Bottom of Pyramid Investing in Africa?

worldpyramidHigh impact investing through access to BoP creates a valuable investor opportunity to participate in social impact driven funds. More and more investors today are participating in social investments that make a difference through profit-driven market based initiatives that meet the needs of the poor. The global BoP market is represented by 4 billion people living on less than $ 2 per day or $ 3000 per year. This underserved consumer market represents up to $ 5 trillion in the global consumer market. With improved services and access to capital this market can improve both in terms of social impact as well as financial impact.

Our team includes global entrepreneurs with American entrepreneurial experiences as well as business experiences in Africa. Collectively our knowledge in the banking sector, to small and medium scale businesses to hands on grass root experience with small scale farmer networks provide a special skill set to bridge social impact investment opportunities in Africa. Baobridge Social Investment Consultancy is strategically poised to link you to sustainable investing vehicles that provide social impact. Contact us to find out how you can engage in fulfilling life changing investment opportunities while you make a difference and help to bridge the poverty gap in emerging markets.


bopcontentimg1The BoP population in Africa is totaled at 486 million people making up 95% of the continents population providing an abundant opportunity for ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing. BoP investing in Africa holds 70.5% of the total BoP global market share at a value of $ 429 billion. These statistics alone prove that Africa is certainly the last financial frontier with phenomenal growth potential creating an unprecedented social investment opportunity in Africa for investors while changing the status quo of the poor and marginalized by enabling investment to create capital market opportunities.

Baobridge your social investment consultancy is driven to affect investments on either side of the value chain. Whether you are interested in investing in low-income initiatives acting as a BoP consumer of goods and services, or as a BoP entrepreneur working as a productive agent accessing micro-loans.

BoP consumer driven high impact enterprises BoP producer driven high impact enterprises
Impact investing in Healthcare – providing access to health services Developmental investing in micro-credit – access to funds that achieve social impact
Investing in affordable housing for BoP markets in Africa Social investments in human capital and modern equipment to increase efficiency and productivity delivering positive social impact
Responsible investing in safe water access to BoP communities Businesses that provide training and information technology to BoP markets deliver high social impact for investors
Education investment in schools for BoP consumers