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WHY SMEs – Impact Investing in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Zambia

smecontentimg1Africa’s economic pulses have never beaten faster than it has in recent years. With populations expected to double by 2050 and a rapidly growing middle class the continent is enjoying unprecedented economic growth.

With these booming population and economic reports one would think that the eradication of poverty statistics is in line too. Alas not so. Despite these dramatic figures of growth poverty is having a hard time catching up and poverty continues to plague half the population who still live on less than $1.50 per day with increased rising unemployment.

SMEs are an ideal community development investment target group that can effectively work at closing this widening gap of discrepancy. As the cornerstone of economies SMEs have a vital role as engines of sustainable development to bridge this poverty gap to cater to rising demand generating jobs while providing food and basic services to BoP consumers. Africa provides a perfect model for social impact funds to improve public services, e.g. hospitals and schools.

Baobridge Social Investment Consultancy understands the value of SMEs and works actively with these groups to pursue social investment to finance scalable projects for investors. We assist SMEs to become investor ready by providing financial services with business plans, budgeting and accounting ensuring projects are bankable before making available for review by investors.