BAOBRIDGE - Connecting investors to sustainable investing opportunities in Africa.

Baobridge, your social investment partners, invite you to help us build grass root initiatives serving the BoP (Base of Pyramid) communities through investments targeted at high impact businesses. Your socially responsible investments will not only change the livelihoods of millions of people but give an attractive financial return on your capital. We are looking to represent investors who wish to invest for social impact in value driven sustainable businesses creating BoP opportunities for members of our global community who have been often forgotten in the broader capital markets.

Today we have the opportunity to help alleviate global poverty through capital and be part of the change that we all seek, to bridge the gap of the poor. We invite you to be part of the global mission to eradicate poverty choosing where you invest and why. Let your money work for you while fulfilling the call for a better world through social funds that deliver positive social impact.

If you would like to hear about our current sustainable investing projects in Africa, please contact Gwen Martinez at or call me direct at 602-481-0672.