BAOBRIDGE - Connecting investors to sustainable investing opportunities in Africa.

The inspiration behind the name – Baobridge Social Investment Consultancy

Why we chose the Baobab as our brand?

Madagascar Baobab tree
Madagascar Baobab tree

The baobab tree of Africa is called The Tree of Life, reflecting the resilience, cultures and tradition of the African people. Baobab trees have been known to live up to 5,000 years and are able to store hundreds of gallons of water that maintain the tree branches down to the roots throughout the dry seasons.

Like the roots of the mighty Baobab our company, Baobridge has a strong solid foundation that we offer our investors and entrepreneurs. Through support and governance we treat each social investment project like a unique seed that germinates into a strong sustainable tree that will be able to withstand all seasons.

Management Team

United States Office – Gwen Martinez

Gwen is CEO of Baobridge Social Investment Consultancy US office. Prior to launching Baobridge Gwen was the joint owner of Shade ‘N Net, a manufacturer of Shade systems utilizing architectural fabric membrane technology. Their company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona was one of the pioneer companies to introduce this concept from South Africa to the United States market over the last 18 years. Read More/Less»

Zambia Office – Gilbert Vlahakis

Gilbert Vlahakis is CEO of Baobridge Zambia. Gilbert has 30 years’ experience managing his own businesses in farming, trucking and trading and employs 28 members of staff. Upon completion of his education in England, he worked in ranching and trading cattle in the Southern Province of Zambia. Thereafter, Gilbert worked with Lonrho and Dunavant Cotton, distributing cotton seed and collecting cotton harvests from out-grower farmer networks in Southern Province. He has been the Marketing Director of MRI Agro since its inception, and is still promoting and supporting the rural agent network programs in Southern and Eastern Provinces through the provision of training, mobilizing and forming farmer networks and distributing and marketing MRI Seed. Read More/Less»

Zambia Office – Sharon Marguerita Milner

teamcontentimg1Sharon is Operational Manager of Baobridge Social Investment Consultancy Zambia – Lusaka Office. Prior to joining Baobridge Sharon was involved in the African banking sector in Zimbabwe. Sharon is a Zambian citizen, she resided in Zimbabwe for 27 years. She was responsible for setting up and managing the General Services Department of the merged entity of African Banking Corporation based in Zimbabwe (now BancABC) where she worked in various administration, training, treasury, public relations and secretarial positions for 17 years and prior to that, had several years’ executive secretarial and administration experience. She also worked as Assistant Manager to the Managing Director of the largest shop-fitting company in Zimbabwe (Architectural Aluminum) before running her own company (ProSat P/L) dealing in and importing electronic and electrical products into Zambia and Zimbabwe from Dubai, before moving back to Zambia in 2010. Read More/Less»

Zambia Office – Julian Simpson

Julie is Administrative Manager of Baobridge Zambia, responsible for screening and analysis, performing due diligence on projects to ensure they are investor ready for review by team. Prior to joining Baobridge Julie was responsible for Human Resource Management and operating accounting and finance for security business that managed 7,000 security guards in Lusaka. Julie is involved with ‘St. John of God’ Ministries that service the low-income women population in the Southern province of Zambia who are taking care of children with mental and physical disabilities, providing education and therapeutic intervention and integrating them into mainstream education. The program also has an income generating scheme which teaches the mothers to start project such as chicken rearing and market gardens.