“Donate to provide much needed inclusive playground for physically challenged children in Zambia.”

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A Playground for All Abilities

Holy Family Rehabilitation Center        –     Inclusive Playground Fundraiser


An Appeal for donations is hereby made to assist in the development of an inclusive playground for the Holy Family Rehabilitation Center in Monze, Zambia.

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The inclusive playground will be built at the Holy Family Rehabilitation Center, located in Monze district of the Southern Province of Zambia. Monze is 200 kilometers from the capital city of Lusaka. The district has a population of two million five hundred thousand people (2,500,000) and covers an area of approximately 64,000 km2 of rough terrain.

Traditional customs and cultures have contributed greatly to the stigma and neglect that people with disabilities are faced with. Poverty is also a contributing factor which causes people with a disability to resort to street begging. It was in this regard that the Holy Family Center was established in 1986 to provide a holistic approach to their rehabilitation, thus improving their quality of life and equipping them with life skills to ensure that they are part of, and contribute to, their community.

The Early Services Department is a new initiative undertaken by the Holy Family Center in response to demand from local families for assistance in providing early intervention for their young children with disabilities. Another effect of the stigma associated with disabilities is that children are often ‘hidden’ in the home. This practice means that only a minority of children with disabilities are seen by health professionals.
The Holy Family Rehabilitation offers short stays for mothers and children from outlying areas in dormitories. During this period the child receives the appropriate treatment, either physiotherapy and/or prosthetic/orthotic devices. After their treatment they return home with a follow up appointment for review.
We seek donations to assist us provide inclusive playgrounds for the children at the Holy Family Rehabilitation Center to promote sensory stimulation and social interaction as children work to rock themselves or others using the built in handholds. The Whirlin’ Robin is ADA compliant and allows children to safely and easily transfer from their mobility device.
Crows nests to provide added comfort for children in mobility devices and create an accessible “lookout post.” The crow’s nest is located throughout the play structure.
wo Zero-G Chair swings (one for ages 2-5, and one for ages 5-12) allow children who require additional support to swing alongside their friends.
The Merry-Go-All is a fully accessible, forward-facing inclusive spinning event for up to 12 passengers (4 seated, 8 standing). Merry-Go-All offers abundant grip/grasp areas to hold onto while riding or while pushing others. The center spin wheel remains stationary. This encourages children to engage in social, collaborative play, working together to turn themselves.